About us

Coffema International

In Germany, Coffema has established a nationwide network with 10 sites and an own training centre. With Coffema subsidiaries in Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland and Dubai, we offer our international customers commercial competence and technical know-how in every aspect of the coffee business.

Our dynamic subsidiaries are developing the business equally as successfully as their German parent company, and are contributing extensively towards our positive results. In a further 52 countries, our partner organizations stand for global sales and services to Coffema standards. Good coffee links people around the globe.


Coffema Poland

Coffema Poland
80-126 Gdańsk
ul. Piekarnicza 12a
Contact person: Marek Frankowicz
Tel.: + 48 58 3263450
Fax: + 48 58 3263452
E-mail: coffema@coffema.pl
Internet: www.coffema.pl

Coffema Netherlands

Coffema B.V.
De Weegschaal 11 A
5215 MN´s-Hertogenbosch
Contact person: Jan van Casteren
Tel.: +31 73 6137579
Fax: +31 73 6142179
E-mail: info@coffema.nl
Internet: www.coffema.nl

Coffema Denmark

Coffema International ApS
Bygmarken 12
3520 Farum
Contact person: Michael Johansen
Tel.: +45 31234090
E-mail: info@coffema.dk
Internet: www.coffema.dk

Coffema Dubai

Coffema International General Trading L.L.C.
PO.Box 214292
Dubai, UAE
Contact person: Markus Hacker
Tel.: +971 4 3386401
Fax: +971 4 3386402
E-mail: info@coffema.net
Internet: www.coffema.net

Coffema Switzerland

Coffema Swiss
Buchental 11a
9245 Oberbüren
Contact Person: Migg Frei
Tel.: +41 79 22 22 779
E-mail: service@coffema.ch
Internet: www.coffema.ch