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As a full-service provider for professional coffee machines, we keep your business awake – from offices and cafés to hotel and restaurant chains.
But our work is about more than just machines and service. It’s about people. Our customers and our team are united by a shared passion for:

Great coffee.

great coffee needs.

Large selection

64 different machines in over 200 variations. And growing. We source our machines from the world‘s leading manufacturers, so you can rest assured that we got the right one for your business.

Neutral advice

Coffema is, and will always be, independent and unbiased. From our extensive portfolio of products we always recommend the solution that best suits our customers’ needs.

Outstanding services

17,000 spare parts in our vehicles and over 200,000 in our workshops, experienced service staff and 365 days availability – we ensure that your coffee machine and your business are always wide awake.

Flexible financing

Whether renting, leasing or a pay-per-cup concept – together we analyse your individual requirements and find the right financing solution for you.

We keep your business awake.

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We keep your business awake.