Electric portafilter cleaner

With the Profondi, you can clean your portafilter quickly and quietly. This both modern and stylish appliance frees your portafilter from coffee grounds (coffee puck) and catches everything under the machine. You can attach a waste bag there with the help of the ring provided.


If you don’t want to continue cleaning your portafilter with a brush or cloth, then the Profondi electric portafilter cleaner is the suitable device for you. Without any water at all, it cleans your portafilter so quickly and cleanly that you can use it again straight away.

The Profondi is ideal for use in the catering trade. It doesn’t take up much space and is faster, quieter and, above all, cleaner than a coffee tray. What’s more, the used coffee falls directly into a waste bag under your work surface.

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Technical data
Width 140 mm
Height 225 mm
Depth 140 mm
Width 140 mm
Height 225 mm
Depth 140 mm

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