Service technicians on hand to help

Over 100 own Coffema technicians are "on the road to ensure coffee enjoyment" 7 days per week. If our customer's coffee machine breaks down on a Saturday morning, we are still on hand to help.


Our technical emergency service staff first tries to help over the telephone or else head out right away to fix the problem.

We have lots in stock

Professional spare part management forms the basis of fast and efficient maintenance and repair. Over 17,000 different spare parts – from gaskets to heater plates – are constantly in stock. The most important functional parts are stored in our service vehicles and regional workshops. This enables our service technicians to successfully complete most of the repairs without cumbersome spare part orders.
This enables our service technicians to successfully complete 95 % of all repair orders during their initial visit. For the remaining 5 %, we have installed an effective troubleshooting system. The troubleshooting system enables us to deliver all spare parts ordered by approx. 15 p.m. on the following working day – by 9 a.m. if necessary.