Eversys Cameo

1 Brühgruppe
  • Front view c´2m Earth with fridge
  • Side view c´2m Earth
  • Side view c´2m Ocean
  • Side view c´2m Tempest

Eversys Cameo –
The next gen espresso machine

The global coffee market is rapidly evolving – customers are driven by quality as well as diversity and the choice of products has become an extension of the individual. Branding is no longer determined by products but, rather, by personal choice.

Cameo embraces this new dawn by providing an aesthetic line associated with tradition, a symbol of authenticity as well as quality.

Since the launch of its e'series in 2012, Eversys has developed a reputation for leading-edge quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity. The market views Eversys’ espresso quality as comparable to that produced by traditional equipment, which is praise indeed. Now Eversys is ready to launch the next range of machines, getting closer to its quest to produce equipment that can truly rival tradition by adding visual harmony to authenticity of products.

And, whilst the e’ Barista system provided a mirror to age old traditions of espresso making, the Cameo takes another step forward by enabling the barista to permeate each machine, infusing bespoke style as well as delivering amazing products.

The barista becomes the machine, therefore Cameo.

You can order the Eversys Cameo c´2m individually or including the perfect fitted c´fridge.

1.5 Step – Latte art at the push of a button

Our new 1.5 step option allows you to create the perfect Latte Art texture without having any prior knowledge. This system automatically dispenses the perfect foam through the wand, at the same time as the espresso pours into the cup. Also, you no longer waste any milk as the machine dispenses automatically the right quantity each and every time.


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