Carimali Diva

Carimali Diva espresso machine: maximum power and individual temperature

This exclusive espresso machine is designed to achieve top quality performances with special attention to temperature control and low environmental impact. The lighting is the essential style element of the machine: it creates evocative contrasts and emphasizes the refined and eye-catching design by highlighting the aluminium and stainless steel finish.


Diva as a hybrid machine combines the best of two worlds. By means of its single boiler technique it has a lot of power combined with the individuality of a multi boiler system. A separate dispensing temperature can be set for each brewing group. Moreover, each product selection button can have a different temperature. This unique espresso machine is equipped with a digital temperature control in order to manage the dispensing temperature drink by drink – for example espresso 94 °C, coffee 88 °C. This also avoids temperature fluctuations during one brewing operation.


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